Welcome to Star Trek Charters Frequently asked questions page. If you can not find the answer to your question here please contact us. Follows some information regarding items to bring to ensure your trip is " Out of this World". Please talk to us so we can advise specific items depending on passenger numbers and the species or activity you wish to pursue.

Q. What clothing and personal items should I bring for a trip on Star Trek ?
A. The weather at sea can change quickly so we advise some warm clothing in the event of this. Star Trek has a shower so a towel, toiletries and change of clothing is recommended. Footwear must be changed between the fishing deck and main lounge so we recommend two sets of footwear. Wet clothing is not allowed in the sleeping quarters. Pillows are supplied on Star Trek so you need only a sleeping bag. If you wish to make the most of your fishing time we recommend some light wet weather gear so you can remain comfortable and not get too wet.
Q.  What food items should I bring?
A.  We provide coffee, tea, milk and sugar so other all food items are your responsibility. Star Trek has a stove and all cooking equipment so none is required. Star Trek also has a barbecue fitting for the stove. On numerous trips passengers have cooked everything from roast meals to fresh fish and crayfish. We recommend someone from each trip prepare a menu and allocate food requirements between the people coming on the trip.
Q.  What fishing equipment should I bring on my trip?
A.  The answer to this is really dependant on your target species. We do not as rule provide terminal tackle so a range of hooks up to 10 bar O is a good idea along with some swivels and 40 to 50 pound trace line. Also a few ball sinkers for fishing in the current helps to ensure your bait gets to the bottom. The equipment for targeting Hapuka is of course totally different to that used for snapper fishing. Our skipper will be available to advise what suits the conditions on the day. We have found most passengers have some knowledge of the equipment required and ask that if you do not please talk to us when making your booking as we have a large range of equipment available for hire or usage dependant on the situation, but we do need to ensure it is placed on the boat before your departure.
Q.  Do we need to bring ice to chill our fish?
A.  No we provide ice free of charge for this. Star trek also has a lot of fish storage capacity. Most passengers bring their chilli bins to the boat then empty then out and return them to their cars. On their return they bring them back to the boat and reload them.
Q.  What bait should we bring for our fishing trip?
A.  We have plenty of storage room for bait. The answer does depend on your target species and the number of people fishing. When the fish come on strong it is easy to go through a large amount of bait in a short period of time. Typically we recommend that you bring the following. Burley bombs to attract the fish. Pilchards,  Bonito and squid. At different times the fish are eating different types of food so it pays to have a range of baits to experiment with. It is always worthwhile to have a light rod for catching bait fish as there are usually a few around although we would never recommend you rely on these 100% as a bait source. If you need a recommendation please ask us when you make your booking as we have prior experience with different groups and numbers so can assist. It is not good to run out of bait so please ask us...
Q.  How do we book a trip?
A. Please see our Contact Us page.You can complete our online booking enquiry form for a direct booking enquiry. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can give us a ring or a fax on the numbers listed. Our contact details also appear at the bottom of each page on this website. A deposit of around 20% is required to secure your dates with full payment required on board the boat prior to departure. We don't accept EFTPOS or VISA transactions. We can only accept payment by cash, direct credit to our bank account or in some cases by cheque.