Feb 2012

Game Fishing season is definately here and the fish are here in numbers with some hot fishing happening up and down the coast. We had a charter for the Whangamata Classic.

Day 1 We headed north towards the Aldermans for a practice day as not much happened and sorted the crew out with what to do if we did come across some fish.

Day 2 We headed for Mayor Island. Nothing really happened in the morning apart from the odd skippy in the gear. About 1pm not long after the high tide we had a big fish come into the gear. It decided it likedone of our new Larva Lures and hit it and departed the other way at a great rate of knots. We were hooked up! We finally cleared the gear and put Hiro into the chair with the rod after this big marlin was leaping all over the place. After a while the fish went deep and died. We spent 40 mins planeing the fish to the surface and up she popped. We sunk the gaff in and dragged it aboard. After a few high fives and some yahoos we headed for the weigh station at whangamata. The Blue Marlin weighed in at 224.3kg and put us in front for heaviest fish for the tournament.

Day 3 We headed back to Mayor Is and we had hit and spent 2 hours fighting a 400+kg angry mako and tied the angler to the chair with 2 other blokes holding onto him as well. We got a tag in and the fish finally bit though the leader. We won the tournament with the good size blue from the day before with a happy team aboard the boat. We not only won first price but we had a bit of a mishap heading up the creek arriving to Whangamata the day before the tournament and won first prize for hitting sand up the creek. All I can say is don't head up the Whangamata creek on a low tide!


Snapper fishing has been patchey around the place but still some good fish around the place. A bit of time is spent finding the fish but once found we get a bin full. Kingfish are around in numbers. Somedays can be hard going and others are a walk in the park but you have to be in to win.


Tight Lines.



Hiro hooked up with the Blue



Fish on board